Il Paradiso di Cuno Amiet

Museo d'arte Mendrisio

22 ottobre 2017 - 28 gennaio 2018


La Fondazione Gabriele e Anna Braglia aderisce con il prestito di August Macke ‘Badende mit Lebensbäumen‘  (Bagnanti con alberi della vita) un olio su tela del 1910 (46 x 38 cm) e con ‘Bauernhof bei Murnau' (Fattoria nei dintorni di Murnau) di Gabriele Münter, un olio su cartone del 1911 (32,9 x 44,7 cm).

The "Blue Land" and the Noise of the City
The Fondazione Braglia in the Franz Marc Museum

30 April – 3 October 2017


The Braglia Collection is an Swiss private collection of German Expressionist art that has been assembled since the 1980s and was incorporated in a foundation a few years ago. The collection – that has only been accessible to the general public for a short time since the opening of the foundation’s museum space in Lugano in 2015 – will be exhibited for six months in the Franz Marc Museum during the summer of 2017.

The exhibition is to be seen as a dialogue between the collection of the Franz Marc Museum and the works of the Braglia Foundation and will be complemented by literary texts from the first half of the 20th century. This interplay will expand the view of German Expressionism that, through its reception especially after World War II, has often been restricted to expressiveness, intense colours and innovative power, whereas the "darker", hidden side of this period in art has been neglected.

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